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Elevate Your Experience

Carts & Rentals

Elevate Your Experience

Play Laughlin Ranch With Today's Top Tech

Laughlin Ranch has partnered with PXG Golf and Yamaha Golf Carts to bring you the best in golf.

PXG Golf Clubs

In September of 2013, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was established by the visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and avid golfer, Bob Parsons. 

Parsons set forth his designers with an extraordinary challenge that resonates with every golfer's dream: to create an irresistible collection of golf irons that seamlessly blend sleek aesthetics, launch the ball higher, deliver impressive distances, provide a softer feel, and boast an expansive sweet spot akin to the vastness of Texas. The PXG clubs had to deliver an unparalleled sensation akin to butter, while noticeably surpassing anything else on the market.

Yamaha Electric Golf Carts With Yamatrak® GPS

Embark on a new level of golfing experience with YamaTrack® as you rent a golf cart. This innovative system empowers your course to adapt to the needs of modern golfers seamlessly. Prepare to be impressed by the newly installed 10" screen on the dash, offering mesmerizing 3-D terrain graphics accompanied by customizable pro tips, elevating your game to new heights. Geo-zones safeguard the environmental sanctity of your course, while also conveniently notifying you to pre-order food and beverages prior to reaching the turn. 

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During my Mohave Valley vacation, I discovered Laughlin Ranch Golf Club, a hidden gem that exceeded my expectations as a golfer and food enthusiast. With its stunning golf course, delightful dining, and tranquil spa, Laughlin Ranch offers an unforgettable experience where luxury and relaxation intertwine. From the scenic fairways to the exceptional steak dinner, every moment at Laughlin Ranch was pure bliss. I highly recommend this ultimate destination for golf and culinary excellence.

Justin M.