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What Time Is It Right Now In Laughlin, NV?

Laughlin, Nevada, and Bullhead City, Arizona, often grapple with a time zone puzzle owing to their unique geographical placement along the Colorado River. Laughlin sits on the Nevada side, while just across the river lies Bullhead City in Arizona. The source of bewilderment stems from Arizona's decision not to observe Daylight Saving Time, while Nevada does adhere to it. Consequently, during the spring and summer months when Nevada "springs forward" and adjusts their clocks forward by an hour, Bullhead City continues to operate on standard time, creating a one-hour time disparity between these neighboring cities. This time zone conundrum can occasionally lead to scheduling challenges and moments of perplexity for both residents and visitors, underscoring the intriguing idiosyncrasies of living on a state border.

We suggest visitors set their phone to a specific timezone vs automatically detecting. All of Laughlin Ranch's services and tee times are Arizona time.

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